I have the honor, the fortune, the opportunity, the possibility to be present at the Twelve Visions Party of Texas Convention held on Saturday September 11,th, 2010 at the Magic Time Machine in San Antonio, Texas. From this unique event I will conduct my present testimonial.

I have the opportunity to meet great valuable Neothink, GIN and TVP people. This was my first meeting ever gathering and networking with other members. Besides that, I had the chance to speak a few words on the phone with Mr. Mark Hamilton and to listen to a live phone presentation of his, regarding the TVP movement.

I shacked hands with Mr. Steve Fagan, Jill Reed, Norman A. Drisco, Jack Settles, Trinidad Cerda, Manny Gandara, Rebecca L. Hay (whose children program for phonics is really great stuff), Richard Roberts, the stunning and extremely gorgeous Michelle Love, and many others whose names I regrettably am forgetting. Sorry you guys.

Mr. Steve Fagan was a very nice speaker to me. Jill Reed is a great Neothink woman. I just bought her a book she wrote titled “The Secret to Creating Your Romantic Standard of Love for Life, Tips, Techniques and Strategies for Growing LOVE Even in Failing Relationships”. I think I will profit a lot from the reading of this book of hers.

Norman A. Drisco, Chairman of TVP of Texas, invited me to speak a few words out. I did, although I got a little nervous because I wasn´t prepared for that, and because I am not a speaker, even in my own first language. Manny Gandara told us at the dinner (my mother, my cousin Shirley and me) that for him the young people doesn´t know how to speak in public and that “they” must teach us how to do it.  He also told me that he is a person who has “intelligently” fought many battles defending his individual rights and those of others. He advised me to go slow, carefully and with intelligence in my struggles for freedom. He presented his testimonial during the Convention.

Mr. Steve Fagan also told me that when I am prepared he will present me to the audience, kind of remarking that I am not yet prepared for that situation at this moment. He also mentioned to me that we probably might meet each other again some time, but he was extremely dubious on this. He mentioned to me that in Australia and in the UK there are Neothink and TVP Clubhouses. When I asked him and Jill Reed if they knew something about me, they both answered that they didn´t. I then told that I am going through difficult times here in Mexico. Steve Fagan identified it as “oppression from the Catholic Church”. He got it right. Mr. Steve Fagan also mentioned to Mark Hamilton about people who have “wrong behavior backgrounds” when he asked Mark to talk about the love denominator. I hope he was not referring to me. And if he was, proper and positive advice is welcome Mr. Steve Fagan.

By the way, Mr. Mark Hamilton mentioned during his speech that a Neothink/TVP Clubhouse in Mexico will be settled sooner than later. Mr. Fagan spoke up in his speech that a lot of us have difficulties in separating Neothink and TVP and that there are only 7 members extremely qualified for (I think it was) the new warrior mission.

And Jill Reed commented me after I had a few words on the phone with Mr. Mark Hamilton, that Mark had said “I totally agree” when I told him that I couldn´t give him details publicly about the things I am very and totally grateful to him, meaning being grateful to the Neothink Society, and to the Illuminati, for all they have done for me so far, including that I am still alive after being the subject of a dirty war against me, perpetrated by the Catholic Church through their despotic and bloody rulers, both nationally and locally.

Right now I do have a lot of things going through my mind. I am thinking and pondering on a lot of subjects after this TVP meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

When I think on my situation, the Prime Law of Mr. Mark Hamilton comes to give me additional hope. I have been and I am systematically oppressed, suppressed, opposed by the rulers of the Catholic Church abroad, nationally and locally and with their allies both within and outside Mexican borders, including the Partido Accion Nacional of Mexico, the members of their secret society called “El Yunque” and others, including high ranking officials of President Calderon´s staff. I bring this out because if I have to give a testimonial I would have to start with this issue. The Prime Law guarantees that the rule of law prevails and that it destroys the rule of man. A dirty war against me is the very same as applying the rule of man. That is the anticivilization, a term a learnt with Neothink, working at its peak of suppressing and oppressing the human spirit, in this case, mines, a person who dared to think differently. But the Prime Law is the fundamental, natural law of protection (that directs all decisions and actions of the Twelve Visions Party).

I am very deceived on the people who love doing a dirty war against me. I thought they were superior than me, morally speaking, but they are not. They are supposed to do good and to be just, but warring against an innocent and single man as me, only shows them as tyrannical, cruel and unjust. I thought that the very same Jesus Christ they elevated as a God two thousand years taught the people of his time the other way: to love your enemies, and to accept people who think different, but I am talking about evil people dressed as “angels” who definitely hate me. Anyway, anyhow, I am here and probably for a mission bigger than me. Time will tell.

The thing that amazed and helped me the most of Mr. Mark Hamilton´s speech is his remark on “the child of the past is always looking for that bigger than live existence”. That is the Neothink marketing secret: the child of the past, in other words, tracking the child of the past. Mr. Hamilton mentioned that “we are going to pull that child of the past out”. I need it. We need it. Maybe some need this more than others, but we all need to refocus on our child of our pasts in order to get that bigger than life existence that Mark talked about. Mr. Hamilton mentioned that they, as visionaries, really offer this issue about the child of the past.

Mark Hamilton talked about love, tolerance and patience. He mentioned how reason is dead. That we must support reality instead of illusions. Mark also mentioned that he was looking at the significance of the word elite. He talked about the non ruling class natural law as opposed of manmade ruling class that has a manmade agenda. He talked about the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence of the US. He mentioned the Prime Law and the Protection Only Budget, that is, the Prime Law Budget (the National Prime Law of Protection). Mr. Hamilton also talked that “your unconscious right brain has a clue that something is missing in your life, that bigger than life existence”. He remarked that the TVP and the Prime Law are ideas whose time has come.

When Mr. Mark Hamilton started talking, he mentioned about his recent meetings with a Hollywood star and with a great singer. He mentioned that they lived in the anticivilization. Mr. Hamilton remarked the words “our own loving family” when he referred to the people who belong to Neothink and TVP, not only the ones who were present at that day in San Antonio, Texas.

TVP Platform and Super puzzles were mentioned by Mark Hamilton.

Mr. Mark Hamilton mentioned to us that it is the time to go out and spread the word about Neothink and TVP on our local television, radio stations or newspaper. He offered a pen to Norman A. Drisco and to his partner in his radio show on Sundays at the San Antonio area, reaching probably two million people, according to Norman. Mr. Mark Hamilton offered the same pens for all A-team members who become warriors and spread out the word on TVP and Neothink. All participants should describe the bigger than life existence they will live and talk about the prosperity that will come with the TVP. So, I recently joined as a warrior by clicking in Mr. Hamilton also mentioned about a TVP mentoring program through the National Committee. We must go to

Mark Hamilton insisted that we must talk about replacing sinking poverty with the great prosperity that the TVP will bring and that replacing the ruling class with the Prime Law. He mentioned that deaths are irrational unnecessary tragedies, but that we all have to meet death. He said that construction and publishing are very hard hit with the economic situation ant that the New York Times is broke.

A very important issue to me is what Mr. Hamilton addressed in this Convention: these ideas are too radical/different for the ordinary person. I totally agree. Neothink is a great philosophy for living differently with the coming back to reason.

Mr. Hamilton recommended us to go to and to or to call customer services of TVP to 01-800-486___. He said that “when it´s right, it works”, referring to our proper and correct preparation into the warrior program.

When asked by a woman when will he run for the Presidency of the USA, Mr. Mark Hamilton said that his odds are not too good for 2012, but maybe for 2016. Anyway, we all must be prepared anytime. That is my impression on this issue. That woman´s daughter of 17 years old read Miss Annabelle’s story. Mr. Mark Hamilton just commented that this woman´s daughter will benefit a lot from that reading.

Since I decided to write this article just an hour ago, I am wearing the TVP cap I paid Mr. Steve Fagan US $15 dollars for. Steve told me that it is the same cup that Mr. Mark Hamilton wears. So, that´s why I bought it, to show my support to Neothink and to the TVP. That´s also why I am wearing it right now, until I finish writing and sending this essay to Mr. Mark Hamilton.

When I spoke up, I remembered mentioning that for me, Mr. Mark Hamilton is a visionary. I mentioned something about the Founding Fathers of the USA and that the future is a great one. I also expressed my gratitude to his father (…) If I had been speaking up in a Toastmaster program, I would have been ordered to sit because of the many ahss I said. Ring bells have been struck several times before commanding me to sit down. Anyway, some people liked what I spoke, while others didn´t. That´s life: some people like you, while others don´t, meanwhile there is a third group who even cares about you.

I started a vacation with this TVP Texas Convention in San Antonio, Texas. My mother and my cousin Shirley (an American citizen) came with me. I visited my other cousin Stelle who lives in San Marcos, Texas and works as a teacher in a elementary school. We went also to a meeting of the Global Information Network in Dallas, on September 13th, 2010. I am grateful for Mark Hamilton for this also, because he referred me to the GIN. I am getting a lot of information from this very powerful new group that Mr. Kevin Trudeau and other extremely 29 powerful people created some years ago. On this meeting I learned about the eight rules for success.

Steve Fagan made me think about what oppression means. I am a victim of Catholic oppression as he put my present situation in Mexico. I don´t want to become a bad and evil person as my catholic oppressors are. Although it is very tough to endure this kind of situation, Neothink and their philosophy have helped me and are helping me to overcome this and flourish. There is a lot to do. I have a lot to do. I feel the presence of death every day when I drive my used car here in Puebla. Probably the Catholics oppressors want to kill me, because they cannot put me in my knees as they want to do with me and to come back to their manipulated religion. It is astonishing that the people who proclaim a Jesus Christ God who was a good person don´t follow what “their” Master and God Jesus said and preached two thousand years ago.

Oppression is about injustice, cruelty and tyranny. It is about the rule of man in a stupid anticivilization. Neothink offers the remedy for this oppression with its Prime Law, its rule of law, its Protection Only Budget, its Great Replacement/Displacement programs, its Twelve Visions.

I have benefited a lot from Neothink ideas such as Friday Night Essence, a value creation driven life that leads to happiness through value reflection, objective thinking, mini day programming, bringing the child of the past wishes and dreams back and to reality, the whole twelve visions of the TVP, etc.

But, as I mentioned in my unprepared speech in the TVP Texas Convention, my mind and my spirit have been lifted by Neothink. They have been freed me from my previous mysticisms. And as Steve Fagan mentioned at the Convention, I am still working in eradicating my remaining mysticisms such as procrastinating. That is where mini day programming comes to rescue me.

Neothink has reshaped my destiny. Mr. Mark Hamilton´s great ideas will benefit the mankind, especially when the Twelve Visions World is on and fully operating. Steps are being done each day to achieve that great Illuminati World. I just happened to be reached by this very powerful people someday back. Surprises arrive all days. I had mines in unexpected times. The best is yet to come. That is true and right. My spirit has been reshaped. Freethinking living, freethinking spiritually, freethinking loving, freethinking breathing, freethinking value craeating, that´s what Neothink and Mark Hamilton´s ideas are all about for me. Isn´t that great? Isn´t that cool?

I lost my father physically about two years ago. I still cry a lot because of his lost. Mark Hamilton´s Miss Annabelle story deals with a lot of stuff including the steps to reach biological immortality. For me, this is a VERY IMPORTANT ISSUE. Of course, it crashes two thousand years of manipulated live after death ideas of Christian religions and dogmas. Again, these Neothink ideas are indeed extremely radical for a lot of human beings, just ordinary people… like me.

When I was born, my family belonged to the masses. I am still a member of the masses and will always be, because I am “people”, meaning “pueblo” in Spanish. I am from the masses and to the masses. I am from the people and to the people. I don´t know what the word elite really is because I am not an elite person.

A very important thing I want to mention now is the motivation I gained from an African American girl I saw at the Dallas Arboretum. She might be about 7 years old. That girl suffers. I can recognize that in her eyes. I was a child who suffered a lot. It takes one of a kind to know other. That is why bringing my child of the past back is really a very difficult endeavor for me. When Mr. Steve Fagan mentioned “wrong behavior backgrounds”, if he really was referring to me which I am not very sure he was, probably because I looked him kind of seriously the very first time I met him the day before the Texas TVP Convention. Well, I won´t never know it anyway. But the thing is that it is not easy to look with love, compassion and other good feelings, when your first individual right of living the way you want is been swept by the Catholic oppression. In April, their aggressions caused an injury in my right hand when I was driving.

Mr. Fagan: sorry if you expected a different man from me. I am not trying to rationalize of justify anything. I am trying to objectively explain myself. Period.

That seven year old African-American girl is my call to a broader action. Every child on the planet who has any kind of emotional, mental, physical condition that has not been even discover must be attended. I was such a boy. That African-American girl´s stare is my call to action. I cannot and will not remain still. I must do something about it and I will. First, I will get my health perfectly well or the best it can be, physically, mentally, emotionally. That girl suffers and her suffering is my suffering. I won´t rest until this situation is reversed with me and with every child on the planet. Now I do have further goals to achieve. The impossible dream must come through. My impossible dream will come through. As I mentioned to Mr. Hamilton when I briefly spoke to him on the phone on that Convention, I gathered a lot of knowledge at the TVP Texas Convention. Now, I will use it along with all the Neothink, TVP and GIN knowledge I am getting sofar.

Mr. Steve Fagan told me that he saw in me that I know about gratitude. In that, he is totally correct.

I have a mission to fulfill right now. It is my “impossible dream” of the child of the past. It will always be like that.

There are persons who totally influence you whether their touch was just one word, one sentence, one remark, one advice, or just one look.

I mentioned in my shaky speech at that Convention that it is not about the buck, but about being and becoming happy, although being financially free and set in for life is extremely important. You gain that when you create values for others and then happiness arrives through what Mr. Mark Hamilton names value reflection.

Mr. Norman A. Drisco thanked me for speaking up. He told me that I spoke from my heart and that going to Texas to attend the TVP Texas Convention, “spending such a lot of money, was a tribute to the TVP movement”. I mark his words. He was the most sympathetic person to me I ever found in that trip. From our very first meeting he apologized to me for not calling me back when I just left a message in his answering machine letting him now that I was coming to the Convention the previous days of the Convention. He was like an angel. He was a strong and a smiling angel to me. He always treated us, my mother, my cousin and me, with great respect. Just give me one Norman A. Drisco and I will love Neothink for ever. Treating people well, treating others well, being treated well, that´s what all of this is about. That is what defines good and educated people who care about the wellbeing and happiness of others.

You asked for my testimonial. You got it.

Manny Gandara told us that us (my family) must be doing financially well in order to be able to pay such a vacation and a travel to such an event as the TVP Texas Convention. We never answered him. I needed to pull my mother out of the country after going through a lot of things like me father´s death. Oh, I wish he never had died! I need him a lot! He could me advice better in order to face those mother fuckers!!!

Again, you wanted my testimonial. You are getting it.

Mr. Gandara is probably right about his focus in how to fight this warrior´s war against mysticism. Family imposes you a limit, a life limit. Anyway… Who were the young people who according to Manny didn´t know how to speak up in public and that need to be prepared for such a task? Could you answer me, Manny? Probably that wasn´t very nice said. Anyway…

Time to go. Time to have breakfast and to go to the chiropractic for “maintenance” and “rebuilding”.

My cap is still on head. It will always be metaphorically speaking.

Mr. Mark Hamilton: You mentioned in your speech at the TVP Texas Convention that once you gave a speech in a five star hotel in Mexico City that was full of people and that we Mexicans are very passionate people. Well, I totally agree with you. I am one of those, you now…

See you in a next occasion, Mr. Mark Hamilton.

Kindly yours,

Arturo Moreno Samaniego


Vision one: become the person you were meant to be

Vision two: live the life you were meant to live

Vision three: feel extraordinary every day

Vision four: slow down aging permanently

Vision five: land the job of jour dreams

Vision six: build the business of your passions

Vision seven: experience the love of your life

Vision eight: have the body you always envied

Vision nine: become a genius of society

Vision ten: have everything you ever wanted (via the free to soar geniuses and super technologies)

Vision eleven: ride a prosperity wave to riches (via falling prices and soaring buying power)

Vision twelve: enjoy nearly perfect health (via soaring medical technologies and falling prices)

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  1. Jill Reed says:

    We can all make the world a better place. The Twelve Visions are meant to bring us all into more successful living. We can make a change for the better. Politics cause poverty and politics can take us out of poverty. The Twelve Visions Party will share the Prime Law, The 3000 Year-Old-Secret, and a Protection Only Budget to stop America’s fall into insolvent bankruptcy and to launch the wealth of individuals. It is time to unite as human beings instead of following the leaders to bankruptcy. Please consider Reed/Cary 2012 and visit us at tvp2012.0rg soon to see how you can profit in the future. Be sure to read the 3 questions on the Home Page and let your heart and mind lead you rather than following the leader in 2012.
    Jill Reed
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